Profile building also helps professionals who wish to build their profile in a way that helps them prepare for the career change or wish to proceed further in their field of occupation. Resumes are a key component of the Profile Building process but there is more to it than what meets the eye. It helps you create the right kind of ‘image’ for the admissions committee to look at. It is a tool that is vital in securing a place on the right university or landing the perfect job.

Fresh graduates out of college need to know about how to create a resume professionally. It is important to highlight their key achievements, strengths, and accomplishments in a short concise manner. Creating a professional resume becomes a task when students don’t have work history to back it up. Professionals looking to update their resumes need to focus on their work history and accomplishments on their projects. This practice allows them to modify their resumes in a way that prepares them to professionally grow in their choice of career or prepares them to change over to a career of their choice. In the years of counselling students and professionals, Bricks Overseas has coached them to present their best foot forward. The extracurricular activities that they must take, seminars and certifications that can help, social activities that can provide a boost, the advice on these activities can help you vastly outperform the candidates competing with you. If you have any further queries as how the Profile Building activity may help you, feel free to reach out to us or book a free 30 minutes premium session to help you with your questions.

Services Include

• Resume Creation
• Existing Resume Critique
• Profile Building
• Advice on improving profile based on professional goals
• Advice on tasks and activities to undertake based on career aspirations