The biggest hurdle that students face while making the decision to study abroad is the financial implications of studying abroad. It is the single most dominant factor that deters student from pursuing their dreams to study overseas. But don’t let study abroad costs get you down. The most common misconception about a study abroad program is that it is unaffordable, but guess what? It couldn’t be any farther from the truth. There are not a few but literally thousands of study abroad scholarships and grants out there, just waiting for students to apply for them! And who doesn’t love free money? We all certainly do!

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships

There is a wide range associated with the term financial aid. It comes in many formats: scholarships, grants, assistantships and work-study programs.

Student-Specific Scholarships/Grants:

You name any category and you will find a scholarship available for that. Universities abroad demand for a diverse cohort for their classrooms, due to which programs such as the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship or Diversity Abroad Scholarships are especially helpful for students seeking financial aid. There are many study abroad scholarships for minorities are out there, you just have to find them!

University-Provided Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants:

Many higher education institutions throughout the world provide scholarships for international students to encourage a more diverse cohort of scholars to attend their university. Almost all universities provide scholarships or grants on a merit-basis. There are available to any qualified applicants looking to study abroad. Universities usually select you for a scholarship that you may be eligible based off your profile.

Government-Funded Scholarships/Grants for Study Abroad:

Indian Government Helps Partially Merit Scholarships about -10-12 Lac
State Governments Helps to Merit, SC, ST, BC Students Scholarship’s about – 10-12 Lac
Other European Countries like Germany , Italy, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Luxembourg provide Free Education for Merit Students